Tips for Building a Proper Digital Presence

If you yield a attending around, you will apprehension that aggregate has become agenda nowadays. Humans watch TV online, apprehend account on websites, apprehend e-books, affix with others on amusing media and even boutique online. There are apps for appealing abundant aggregate and we accept become abased on technology because it makes our activity easy. In this age, it is capital for a business to accept a agenda attendance if it wishes to break relevant. Not alone does this accredit a business to acquaint itself on the internet, but it aswell offers a way to aggrandize and grow. The catechism is how to body a able agenda presence?

Listed beneath are some abundant tips that you will acquisition helpful:

1. Start with branding

You charge to baddest an adapted logo that can bolt the eye of your abeyant barter as anybody wants to attending at something interesting. Opt for a blush affair and accomplish abiding it is a acceptable one because you will apparently use it for a continued time. It is best to stick to two colors; added than two can accomplish things messy. Typeface can aswell play an important role in your branding efforts. Go with something that’s a aggregate of avant-garde and simple.

2. Create a website

Your website will serve as a window into the online apple and every business is advised by humans based on its website. Yes, you can accomplish a website yourself as you can calmly acquisition a website arrangement these days, but it is best to argue a able for creating a different and beautifully advised website. It is not just the actualization that will matter; the website should be simple to navigate, accommodate the all-important advice and be optimized for SEO and a able can ensure all of this.

3. Accomplish accounts on amusing media networks

Every business is acquainted of the backbone of amusing media these canicule and a business cannot avoid its importance. Nevertheless, it doesn’t beggarly that you accept to accept a attendance on all amusing media networks because there are too abounding and it is artlessly not accessible to administer all. So, which ones should you choose? Bear in apperception that not all amusing networks are acceptable for every business and you should baddest those area your ambition admirers is a lot of acceptable to be. Accomplish accounts on the called networks and focus your business efforts there to body a presence.

4. Work on agreeable

Building a agenda attendance involves allocating some assets into creating agreeable for your website, amusing media posts and aswell a blog. Coming up with agreeable that’s accompanying to your cast and industry can advice you in architecture believability online. You can become an ascendancy and a antecedent of advice humans accredit to, which is abundantly accessible as it boosts your cartage and improves your SEO.

If you attending at the tips, you will apprehension that they all accent on presentation and architecture because you accept to cull the chump to you in adjustment to accept a advantageous agenda presence.

7 Tips to Choose The Best Family-Friendly Motel

Have you been looking for a family-friendly motel for your stay during the trip? If so, we suggest that you find out if a motel offers special rates and swimming pools. Aside from this, some hotels offer other amenities, such as field trips and babysitting. These hotels can keep your children happy and busy. So, you won’t get bored. In fact, you will be able to get the most out of your time. Given below are some tips to help you look for a good family friendly motel. Read on to know more.

Guide books and the internet

For parents, there is tons of information about family friendly motels out there. To get started, the Internet is an ideal place. You can get great advice about family trips on these sites.

Apart from the Internet, you can check out guidebooks about family travel. With these resources, looking for the best hotel will be a piece of cake for you.

The Dining Options

Finding a hotel that you and your family can agree on is hard, especially if you have chosen an unfamiliar location. Moreover, some motels make this a lot easier with special discounts and menus.

Choose the right destination

It’s a good idea to go for a destination that will suit everyone. Do you have younger kids? If so, make sure you choose a hotel that offers a kids’ program and other fun activities. You may want to opt for a hotel with kid-based activities, such as sports events, beaches and teen discos.


You may want to book all of the rooms at the same time. This will help the hotel make notes and give response to your requests like booking rooms on one and the same floor.

Dining option and restaurants

It’s a good idea to go for a hotel with many dining options and restaurants. This will help you eat at different restaurants during your vacation. This way you can benefit from different dining plans and you won’t get bored.

Other fun activities

You may also want to have fun even when you are away from the motel. In other words, all-inclusive hotels offer all what you need in order to have a lot of fun. We suggest that you find out what you can get offsite.


The hotel has to be flexible. Actually, everyone has different interests and tastes. This way all of your family members will be able to enjoy their trip. So, all of you don’t need to be in the same place all the time. Aside from this, you may want to make sure you set aside more time than usual for check-ins and checkouts. Usually, if you are with your family, it will take you longer than usual to get things done.

The takeaway

So, if you have been thinking of choosing a good motel to say in during your trip, we suggest that you follow the motel selection tips given in this article. This way you will be able to have a lot of fun throughout your stay at the motel.

Top Mistakes In Advertising & How To Avoid Them: Part 1 of a 10 Part Series: Ad Testing & Tracking

It strikes me that there are quite a number of opportunities out there for you to showcase your product or service using just about any form of media, and that’s fantastic. There is, as you have probably discovered, certainly no shortage of media players and opportunities to pick from.

What I found the most powerful is utilizing all of those resources to their respective individual and then collective advantages.

Sometimes things work wonderfully well using the more traditional radio, television, newspaper, magazine, maybe out of home advertising. More recently some advertisers have had some success with one or more of the social media platforms and that’s terrific. I think they should all be embraced and all form part of your media mix.

Please make no mistake that it should genuinely be a mix of media because you never know exactly which particular component is going to pull the trigger and get your target group to say… That’s for me, that’s the product that I want!

Your service is exactly what I’m after. You want to make sure you give yourself every opportunity to be seen and to be heard to promote whatever service or product you have out there. You want to stand head and shoulders above the crowd, in front of as many of the right crowds as possible.

So, what I’d like to share with you starting today is a series of ten of the Top Ten Mistakes in Advertising that I’ve seen through these three decades of being a professional media planner and buyer, and share some secrets and some tips on how to avoid getting into those very same advertising challenges.

This is my print version of the videos and audio of the same series.

Mistake Number One in our series follows:

The single biggest mistake I see repeated over and over again is the failure to test and measure your ads. All too often too many advertisers simply write a cheque for the ads in the newspaper, online, TV, radio, regardless of the media and simply hope for the best.

As many of you will attest, hope marketing really doesn’t pay an awful lot of bills. You wouldn’t put your own product, table lamps, lawnmowers, keyboards, post hole diggers, floor tiles, into the marketplace without putting them through an extensive battery of tests to see if they can live up to your standards.

You’re testing the ad that sells the product and, unfortunately, maybe you’ve encountered this yourself, or you know friends of a friend of a friend who had this happen to them.

They put all of their marketing muscle into one media without finding out how effective it could be on a smaller scale, and all they heard was crickets. That’s a devastating sound when you’re in advertising, so here’s what I want you to do.

Here is how you fix this: You identify each and every ad you place in any and all media.

What? Dennis, identify everything? Absolutely!

You see, what you want to do is learn how well every single piece of creative is performing in each magazine, website, leaderboard, big box, outdoor ad, in every radio commercial. You should have an identifier, a tag of any description that’s exclusive to that ad. Then you can go back and say we invested X number of dollars in this media and it brought us two returns, five returns, a thousand returns, whatever. The performance helps you to know exactly how well that ad worked.

What it also does is it helps you on the future campaigns by showing definitively what has been your best performer. It challenges you to come up with even better ads, better media mixes, better dollar spending, because now you know what’s performing.

This is not new. Nor is it rocket science. But it takes time and energy

and patience which is, unfortunately, a little bit lacking in too many arenas.

When you’re preparing your ads make sure that all of that creative excellence that’s been developed has a chance to be evaluated and measured. You want results so you can go back and track it. You can see how engaged your audiences are, how many times did they purchase the product, how many times did they go to the website, how many times that they raised their hand to say,

More. Hey I’m over here. I really like what you’re selling.

Show me more, tell me more. Give me some more information.

That’s what you want to deliver. So code your ad with the coupon exclusive to that campaign or magazine. Create a different URL or even a 1-800 number that can be tracked and monitored for every single ad.

You want to see how each ad is doing. Then, only then can you tell if it’s working and giving you a return on the investment.

If it sounds like an awful lot of work, well you’re right. Yes. You’re right, it is. But you are setting a template that will help you refine every ad moving forward. And if you get it right, right out of the gate, then kudos to you and Congratulations.

But in the majority there’s going to be some refinement, some improvements, some opportunity to tweak subsequent ads that says, we know we’ve got to improve this line or this copy.

There is a famous advertising gentleman by the name of John Caples who was an aggressive and prolific advertising tester, way before the Internet came onboard. He did one thing to make the ad better. He discovered that through all of his testing, one ad, by changing the headline performed 19 and 1/2 times better than every other ad that he had produced.

Same product, same newspaper, same service, same price point, all he did was change the headline and by changing it multiple times he found one that struck gold. You want a good return? Two times, three times better? Try nineteen and a half times better! That’s the difference that testing delivers.

Please remember when you’re testing there is no failure, there’s only results.

So here’s the strategy you might like, to give yourself a better return on investment. One enterprising client in my history treated it this way.

Because he came from a financial background each ad to him was considered a different mutual fund in his portfolio and he named them before they went into the media. Because they were coded in names he liked, he was able to remember them and he was able to soon see how well each of his investments, as he put it, was performing.

He put more money against the ads which were delivering, and changed any ads which were underperforming to a new one, to keep testing. To make sure of any money coming in he watched very carefully all of the money that was going out.

My message to you to avoid Mistake Number One is to Track Every Single Ad you prepare. It’s the only way to accurately measure what’s working.